Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dragged into the Heritage Thing

I told everyone that I wasn't going to mess with Heritage this year.  Since I just recently returned to the hobby, I wanted to keep things simple.  (If simple means chasing after the entire '13 flagship rainbow!)  I did buy a few packs of Heritage to restock the trade bait and guess what?  I pulled more Braves than I usually do.  That was enough to convince me to put together the team set.  I however refuse to be pulled into chasing the Heritage rainbow.  Different color backs and refractors confuse me.

Nick over at Dime Boxes is the first blogger to help me out with some '13 Heritage:

#35 & 333

Nick also sent some 2012 Topps flagship and Updates:

#58, 85, 115, 524

These two sets should keep me busy until Series II comes out.  The various #'d '13 parallels have dried up on the Bay so the Rainbow Quest has slowed down a bit.  I've managed to pull off a few trades though, so it's all good.  I've updated my want list with '12 Topps and '13 Heritage.  Thanks for the trade Nick!!

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