Thursday, April 18, 2013

Way Behind Part II.

Matt over at Once a Cub... sent me this very important card in a trade:

'13 Topps Emerald #126

Believe it or not this is my first and only emerald card so far this year.

But wait, Matt also sent lots of unexpected cards.  I honestly didn't know what most of them were at first glance but here are the highlights:

2012 Topps Opening Day Inserts: M-2, Spot the Error #2 & SC-1

We didn't have Opening Day when I was a kid.  I actually bought my first pack of '13 Opening Day a couple of days ago and was happily able to trade most of the cards away.

More inserts, this time from '12 Topps GF-4, GF-11, GS-16, GS-42

I haven't even seen any of the '12 base cards!!

And finally two gold cards:

2012 Updates U268 gold sparkle (?) & 2011 Topps 273 Gold 826/2011.

I love a good parallel.  Thanks for the trade Matt!!

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  1. You want Opening Day? I've got Opening Day. Email me and maybe I could get some on your way.