Thursday, August 8, 2013

More 80s Goodness

In exchange for a stack of '13 Series 2, Bert over at Swing and a Pop-up sent a ton of cards off my wantlist.  If you aren't trading with him, you should be!!  There's way too much to show everything but here are the highlights of all the awesomeness. 

The above Murph is the last card I needed for the '86 Topps set.  Glad to have that one in the books!!

This '87 Kmart #29 wasn't on my list, but it totally brought back childhood memories.  I'm sure I have another one of these in a box somewhere in my parent's attic.

'81 Topps #675
The scan doesn't do this one justice.  Just look at that young Bobby Cox!!

Lastly, the Baseball Heroes insert set from '91 Upper Deck.  Somehow it went right over my head that Aaron was featured in this set.   I didn't have any of these and I think there are a few more out there to complete the set.  

Bert, thanks again for the awesome trade!!

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  1. You are welcome! Thanks for the write-up. Looking forward to trading again.