Saturday, August 10, 2013

Two Quick Trades

I recently received two trade packages in the mail.  Here's what I got:

From Tom at Waiting 'til Next Year, I got a sweet 2013 Gypsy Queen Justin Upton mini.  You can see my end of the deal here.


(My scanner gave me fits with this one, so I borrowed this image from the interwebz).  I didn't buy any GQ this year, so this card is much appreciated!

Ryan over at "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog sent a stack of '13 Topps Series 2 parallels and inserts for these.

Thank you Ryan and Tom, for the trades!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

More 80s Goodness

In exchange for a stack of '13 Series 2, Bert over at Swing and a Pop-up sent a ton of cards off my wantlist.  If you aren't trading with him, you should be!!  There's way too much to show everything but here are the highlights of all the awesomeness. 

The above Murph is the last card I needed for the '86 Topps set.  Glad to have that one in the books!!

This '87 Kmart #29 wasn't on my list, but it totally brought back childhood memories.  I'm sure I have another one of these in a box somewhere in my parent's attic.

'81 Topps #675
The scan doesn't do this one justice.  Just look at that young Bobby Cox!!

Lastly, the Baseball Heroes insert set from '91 Upper Deck.  Somehow it went right over my head that Aaron was featured in this set.   I didn't have any of these and I think there are a few more out there to complete the set.  

Bert, thanks again for the awesome trade!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trade with $30 a Week Habit


I've been bad about writing up trade posts.  With Series 2 I'm going to try to stay up to date.  I saw the above card posted on on the great blog $30 a week habit and of course threw it out there that I would be interested in trading for it.  Robert obliged.  Here's what else he sent.


#540 Walmart Blue

357 & 614

And last, but not least, a surprise!

2008 SP Legendary Cuts DH-AJ

I had to look this one up because I'm not familiar with the set.  I was in highschool when Andruw made is debut and was a pretty big fan.  It was really disappointing to see his career taper off.  And then of course there was this.  At any rate, this is actually my very first Braves relic card.  I'll ignore that he's listed with the Dodgers.  Thanks for the trade Robert!!

In other news, I've made some significant updates to my wantlist.  I've added a few vintage (for me) sets that I would like to finish up and a few others from my past collecting days.  Please check it out!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm Back

Life caught up with me and I had to take a hiatus from the blog.  One blown head gasket and one brand new car later, I'm back!!  I'm pretty particular about car shopping so the process was long and drawn out.  I'm happy with the result, hopefully I won't have to do it again for a long long time.

I wasn't too interested in the releases between Series 1 & 2 but now that the second Series is out I should be back into the swing of things.  I bought a hanger box of the stuff at Walmart.  There wasn't anything spectacular but here are the highlights:

581 & 610
I never can pull Braves so this is a good start!


CH-76, CH-89, CH-94
All gold everything.  I love the Cobb

#617 Emerald

I also got the usual blue parallels and a stack of base cards.  I will be stalking wantlists to unload everything.  My wantlist has been updated to reflect Series 2 needs!

Monday, May 13, 2013


A while back Jason from Back in the Card Game left a comment about having a couple of cards that I needed:

#105 Emerald & Gold (1470/2013)

I'm getting closer to finishing Series I every day.  Thanks for the trade Jason!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trade with Sportscard Mask-a-Rade

#116 Emerald

Roger over at Sportscard Mask-a-Rade sent the above card in a recent trade.  I'm slowly getting the Emerald Braves together.  Roger also helped me out with my recent decision to pull together the '13 Heritage team set:

#s 126, 152, 300, 416, 417

Thanks for the trade Roger!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dragged into the Heritage Thing

I told everyone that I wasn't going to mess with Heritage this year.  Since I just recently returned to the hobby, I wanted to keep things simple.  (If simple means chasing after the entire '13 flagship rainbow!)  I did buy a few packs of Heritage to restock the trade bait and guess what?  I pulled more Braves than I usually do.  That was enough to convince me to put together the team set.  I however refuse to be pulled into chasing the Heritage rainbow.  Different color backs and refractors confuse me.

Nick over at Dime Boxes is the first blogger to help me out with some '13 Heritage:

#35 & 333

Nick also sent some 2012 Topps flagship and Updates:

#58, 85, 115, 524

These two sets should keep me busy until Series II comes out.  The various #'d '13 parallels have dried up on the Bay so the Rainbow Quest has slowed down a bit.  I've managed to pull off a few trades though, so it's all good.  I've updated my want list with '12 Topps and '13 Heritage.  Thanks for the trade Nick!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vintage (for me) Awesomeness

I recently sent Bert at Swing and A Pop-Up some cards off his '13 Topps want list.  In return he sent these three cards off my list:

'86 Topps #539
'91 Upper Deck #55
'93 Topps #410

I thought that the Hubbard was last card that I needed for the '86 team set.  Then I realized that there is a Dale Murphy All Star card #705...that's ok because I'm still going after the '86 Traded set.  The '93 All Star card completes my '93 Team set!!  Also, I don't know how I've made it so long without that Chipper Rookie card.

Speaking of Murphy, Bert also sent these:

'84 Topps #133
'80 Topps #274
'84 Topps Glossy All-Star #19
'86 Topps Glossy All-Star #18

But wait, Bert sent a lot more!

Whoa, cards from my birth year!!
'81 Topps 20, 44, 64, 87, 108, 247

'83 Topps Traded 69T

Wait, I had no clue that the Braves once had a minor league affiliate here in Savannah.  Presently the Savannah Sand Gnats are the "A" affiliate of the NY Mets.  I actually snagged a seasonal job with the team this year, so I'm getting a bit familiar with the Mets' potential future. 

'76 Topps #306

Now we've stepped into a era where both players and cards are starting to be unfamiliar.

Bert sent many more cards including the bulk of the '85 Topps team set.  I'll have to update my want list to reflect some new sets that to collect.  Thank you so much for the trade Bert!!!