Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What am I getting into?

Every year around this time I get the itch to return to collecting baseball cards.  I usually just pick up a few packs of Topps flagship to satisfy my curiosity and then return to the regularly scheduled programming of watching games and drinking beer.  Back in 2009 I stuck around long enough to complete a couple of trades with Chris over at Nachos Grande, but lost interest before Series II came out.

I grew up in the metro Atlanta area so I'm obviously a huge fan of the Braves.  I quit collecting in '99 around the time I set off for college in North Carolina.  I still followed the Braves there and afterwards when I moved to Boston for graduate school.  I thank the baseball gods that I did not jump onto the Red Sox bandwagon although I did develop a taste for the New England Patriots.  I've since moved to Savannah where I live across the street from Grayson Stadium, home of the Sand Gnats (Mets Class A affiliate.)

Last winter my parents drove down from Atlanta to drop off all the junk that was being stored in my old bedroom.  (Thanks Dad!)  This included a massive amount of cards from my years of collecting as a teenager.  Thankfully when it came to my Braves collection I was very organized.  But all the other stuff is a hot mixed up mess of 90s goodness.   More on that later.

So I've bought a decent amount of 2013 Topps and noticed the obnoxious amount of parallel activity going on this year.  Green sparkly, random camouflage and store specific coloring, just to name a few. It's crazy but I kinda love it.  So I'm thinking that I will attempt to to complete the Topps Braves rainbow this year.  I don't understand the whole 1/1 thing so I'll be staying away from that.  I haven't seen the pink cards in person yet so I don't know how I feel about that either.  The rest is fair game.  I've only pulled two base Braves, 115 & 126, and bought black 201 & 222 off the bay.  An auspicious start, I know.

I've named this blog after my all-time favorite set, 1994 Stadium Club, and its sparkly foil parallel.  I never completed the team set so that might be my next project.  Once I get more comfortable with Blogger, I'll add pictures, wantlists etc.   I don't expect things to get too fancy here but we'll see.  Thanks for reading!