Friday, January 29, 2016

Foil So Thick

A while back I sent Kerry over at Cards on Cards a few things of his wantlist.  He sent a very generous stack of cards in return.  I'm bad about keeping my wantlist (and this blog for that matter) updated, but Kerry managed to pick out a ton of things that I needed.  I'll skip straight to what warmed my little heart the most:

1994 Fleer Ultra 442, 443, 452

I collected this set as a kid and needed all three of these cards.  I really dig when teams are numbered sequentially within a set.  Makes it easy on my brain.  I don't know if my eyes are getting bad or if it's the foil, but I have a hard time reading the print.  Definitely still love them.

1994 Fleer Ultra All-Star #12

Needed this one too.  I absolutely love '90s inserts and Fleer/Ultra had a ton of them every year.  Of course the Braves were endlessly featured during their run of division titles.  Thanks for the trade Kerry!!

These '90s cards make me want to focus on finishing up childhood sets in 2016.  I'm thinking that I'll purchase the '16 Series 1 flagship team set off eBay and trade for the inserts/parallels.  Otherwise I'm going to dig around for '90s stuff.  I'll be updating my wantlist accordingly.