Thursday, November 12, 2015

Newest Braves

Yesterday, I featured some vintage cards received in a trade.  Today we're looking at the opposite end of the spectrum.  Tom, from Waiting 'til Next Year, sent over another stack of cards off my wantlist.  He sent some extra cards including most of the '15 Allen & Ginter Braves.  I wasn't planning to put together the team set but I've changed my mind.  My wantlist has been updated accordingly.  You can see my end of the trade here.

Tom also sent cards of two of the newest Braves prospects:

2015 Panini USA Stars and Stripes #58 and #65

Tom was correct in assuming that I knew that Kolby Allard and Lucas Herbert were the first two selections made by the Braves in the 2015 draft (14th and 54th respectively).  It is worth noting that they were both class and battery mates at San Clementine High in California.  Both players have signed so it should be fun to see how they develop together.  Hopefully I'll soon get a chance to see them play with the Rome Braves.

But wait, Tom also sent this:

I'm always down for a parallel even if I don't know what to call it!  I'm not much for prospecting but these cards are definitely welcome in my collection.  Thanks Tom!!

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  1. Longevity parallel! I think that is the retail, but there is also a hobby Longevity parallel as well. It's a crazy world we live in!