Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Vintage Braves

I haven't been posting too often here but I've been lurking around comment sections making trades.  I recently traded with Charlie at Lifetime Topps Project and Mark of My Best Friend Collects Chipper Jones.  Both took huge chunks out of my wantlist.  Additionally they sent extra cards that I just have to show off here.  I haven't much ventured into the realm of vintage cards.  (For me that's anything pre-1981.)  So I was pretty pumped to receive these.  Lets have a look, going back chronologically.  These first cards are from Mark:

1972 Topps #74 and #172

My experience with this set is limited to the '72 mini inserts in the 2013 Topps flagship.

1971 Topps #52 and #81

I've read a lot about the '71 cards on the blogosphere but I've never held any in my hands.  Love them.

1969 Topps #489

Very cool!

And from Charlie:

1965 #407

I only have one other Milwaukee card so this is a very very cool addition to the collection.

These cards almost make me want to abandon the quest for endless parallels.  I'll always put together the most recent Topps base team set but maybe next year I'll take shot at finishing some of the older sets.  For now that means '80s and '90s but I'll eventually make it further back.  These cards represent a pretty good start.  Charlie and Mark, thank you so much!

I'm eager to move all non-Braves cards out of my apartment so I'm open to any and all trades.  Hit me up!

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