Thursday, March 14, 2013

'94 Collector's Choice

#325 Silver Signature

In going through cards from my younger collecting days, I rediscovered my second all-time favorite set.  1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice.  This set was geared towards the younger collector.  My 13 year-old self was very happy with it.  Packs were foily and inexpensive.  They featured both David Justice and Deion Sanders.  As a kid I could never wrap my mind around the fact that Sanders played for both the Falcons AND the Braves.  But I totally loved him for it.  I also loved Justice.  Can you imagine how excited I was to pull the above card from a pack?!?  I can still remember how lucky I felt to actually get the card that was featured on the packs.  To this day it still one the my favorite cards in my collection.

The set is pretty straight forward.  There is a base set of 670 cards that was paralleled in two versions: Silver and Gold Signatures.  I think there was one silver per pack and one gold per box.  Inserts were minimal, highlighted by some scratch-off mail-in thing that I don't really remember.  The Braves were generously represented with 25 cards.


I love team checklists.  They keep things straight in my head.  There are two rookie cards (649 & 663),  the other Justice checklist (325), a Justice "Up Close and Personal"(636) and a Glavine "Leaders" card that aren't listed on this checklist.

The set also featured this:


I didn't really care that Jordan was playing baseball, but I think my friends were high on this card.    I'm pretty sure that I traded my copy away.

I actually came very close to finishing the base team set. I only need five cards to finish it off.  The parallels, of course, are a different story.  I put up a list of what I'm looking for.  Please indulge me by checking it out!

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