Friday, March 15, 2013

Pink Hudson

This came in the mail today:

#115 2/50

I'm still waiting for the pink to grow on me.  Probably won't happen.  It kinda clashes with Hudson's red jersey and the logo at the bottom.  Either way, I got it for a decent price on ebay.  It's a good thing there aren't any other pink cards up for auction because I need a break.  For those keeping score I now have two black and two pink bordered cards.  St. Patrick's Day is a beast here in Savannah, so I'm getting ready to bunker down for the weekend.


  1. Topps used the Pink parallels in their 2012 Football as part of a Breast Cancer Awareness set so I'm kinda used to them already. Not my favorite by a long shot however.

  2. Hi, I kept your Toys-R-Us post on my phone for a while now....I wanted to give you a tip: the purple cards are in the "blister" pack, the normal foil pack of 12 cards that sells for $3. There are 3 purples in each one.

    I learned that one the hard way, buying a blaster there, that didn't have any purples in it.

    Also, if you are watching for pink and camo parallels, I'd appreciate a heads-up if you see any of Macier Izturis. Or Octavio Dotel. I have Izturis on the black parallel, so that would be my easiest shot for a complete rainbow. But then I decided to collect Dotel....

    anyhow, thanks for following my little blog

    1. Thanks for the tip! I should have done my research before venturing into that child filled store. I will keep an eye out for Izturis and Dotel. Thanks for reading!!