Saturday, March 23, 2013

Heritage: It all has to go

This is just a quick post.  I bought a jumbo pack of 2013 Heritage at Target today.  I have no intentions of doing anything with this set, but just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  I'm not posting pictures since we all know what they look like.  Everything here is available for trades.

30, 47, 57, 75, 83, 84, 162, 141, 205, 295, 311, 318, 339, 341, 346, 391, 408, 422

BF-SK (Sandy Koufax)

HC46 387/564 Chrome Refractor

The scanner didn't really pick up the shiny refractoriness  There must be a Boston fan out there that would give this thing a good home.


  1. Hey just found your blog after seeing you follow mine, you're now on my blogroll. Also, would LOVE a chance to trade for that Ellsbury card, let me know!

    1. Hey, thanks for checking out the blog!! The Ellsbury is definitely still available to be traded. Drop me a line: bwvjones at gmail dot com