Saturday, March 2, 2013

Braving Toys 'R Us

All my friends say that I'm really good with kids.  And kids seem to like me.  Maybe it's because I talk to them like I do everyone else.  Or maybe it's because I swear a lot.  I actually have a low tolerance for children especially those that are behaving badly.  Taking that into account, I ventured into the big toy store to look for a gift.  I generally have a one track mind, so I wasn't really thinking about cards until I saw the Topps display.  Then I remembered.  Purple.

I bought a cereal box and told myself that this was it for buying Series 1.  Once again I pulled no base Braves.  I did get this though:


I'm very ok with this.  I didn't realize that these inserts had their own rainbow thing going on.  I guess I'll go ahead and say I'm going to track down the rest of these.  But not too rigorously.

#14 1833/2013

A card for someone else's rainbow.

I didn't get any of the purple cards.  I suppose that was because of this:


I dunno, but I think I would've preferred to see some purple.

I'll soon be posting all the cards that are available for trades.


  1. So could that gold Konerko make it into my rainbow???

  2. Yes! I'll send an email, I have some other cards off your list too.